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Still the dominant species, they form the mass of the general population these days despite the rise in supernatural beings. Able to live and lead normal lives, they have little to worry past mundane everyday troubles for the most part. No longer the highest predator known on the food chain, they still dominate the civilian world when it comes to rules and abiding them.

A step up from the average joe and jane, a psychic is a human being that has advanced past their everyday normal limitations. Beings with supernatural abilities of their own, what they are capable of is predisposed to their genetic background alone. While they aren't always fondly looked upon in a general sense, a psychic can easily maintain a rather mundane lifestyle if they so choose.

Signs of Growth

Every psychic goes through bursts and phases of growths, the rate at which they progress in overall strength depends on many factors at play. With every increase comes the adjustment period with pesky symptoms ranging from headaches, nosebleeds and in severe cases, blackouts. The time and duration of which they take to adjust also depends highly on their determination and the capacity at which their body can adapt to the new changes.

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