VampirismThose affected by vampirism have surpassed the typical sense of living and are now undead beings, continuing life into an unnatural reanimated state. Though lacking the traditional pulse or human necessities, they do retain the need to feed. Claiming illness as their cause of extended years and primary dietary needs, their source remains ingestion of blood. Immortal in most eyes, they hold only the aspect of extended life to the proper definition of immortality. Capable of living infinite years beyond a human being, they are just as susceptible to death as any other. Contagion

General Information


A blur for the most part, they are capable of outmaneuvering even the finest skilled human any day without breaking a single sweat. Only the speeds of a therian and very particular advanced supernaturals can compare and outrival their quick movements.

With great speed comes great reflexes, the delicate balance sometimes in need of some practice. Quick reaction is given to all, but how functional they wield it is dependent solely on the individual at hand. As all good things are to come, a little practice never hurt anyone to find the technique that works best for them.

One of the highest valued assets to a vampire is the supernatural speed of which they heal. Damage sustained have been known to mend anywhere from mere seconds to under a few hours, depending on the rate they’re personally capable of healing. Damage caused by another supernatural being has been known to heal at a significantly slower rate, similarly to that of a human. Any intake of fresh blood can speed the process exponentially, wounds mending before their eyes shortly following ingestion.

Illness, toxins, and poisons are no longer a factor in play when it comes to vampires of any kind. From the pesky common cold down to the age old worries of infection or diseases, the worries of it all are in the past for these beings.
Save for a select few of a particular bloodline, most vampires cannot sustain contact with direct sunlight without severe burns to come. Prolonged exposure will lead to self combustion. Lesser vampires and the recently turned are easily damaged by the suns rays, taking mere seconds to burn up entirely when contact has been made.

Highly flammable creatures, fire is a sure way to guarantee a vampire's certain death. Unlike most other physical trauma inflicted, severe burns caused by flame pose risk of scarring if they do succeed to snuff the flames.

All vampires hold a severe sensitivity to silver, the simplest contact against their skin well known for burning. The longer the skin is in contact, the more severe of a reaction. All damage inflicted with silver, be it a blade or otherwise, has the assumed healing rate of a human.

Critical Damage
Despite the advancement in their healing capabilities, fatal injury sustained still poses a risk to them. Any form or extreme inflicted damage to the heart or head will generally lead to impending death. Decapitation is almost always a sure way to end their life. They are not above death in its cruelest forms.

A vampire cannot enter an occupied home without invitation. Like a physical barrier they cannot see, trespassing is nearly an impossible feat. For those either strong enough or brave enough to try and force their way past, doing so can cause the tresspasser a great deal of physical harm. Uncontrolled bleeding, seizures and finally they begin to smolder from within. An invitation can be given by any living being within the household, and revoking it is just as easily managed.

The Metaphysical

BloodlinesServants & TriumviratesCompulsionAuraEvery supernatural gives off a particular aura of sorts, a non-visible physical projection of their level of energy. Vampires in particular tend to give off an aura of a cool liquid-like feeling, denoting them as what they truly are. While it isn't bloodline specific, it can signify their level of strength and dominance to others of the supernatural world and encouraging proper behaviour from lessers. Physical contact amplifies the feel and projection, giving a firmer suggestion of another's capabilities.

Masking Their Aura
Dominants are capable of minimizing their aura to certain degrees, whether it be for brief moments or prolonged suppression, allowing them to pass as either a lesser or even one of the humans themselves. Only the finest of controlled can withhold their aura's projection in a state where physical contact is involved.